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Stainless Steel Fasteners

Our company, “PGS Fasteners & Metal Corp.” are the foremost stainless steel fasteners manufacturer in India. We established around 2016 and presently we are one of the topmost Stainless Steel fasteners manufacturers in Ahmedabad. The main aim of the company is to provide the best quality and widest range of the fasteners that also at the nominal price and widely demanded for different application.

We have well developed and equipped manufacturing unit that possess all the modern machinery and the basic amenities that are required for the production of the Industrial fasteners. The company is providing the complete solution related to fasteners like the stainless steel fastener, stainless steel anchor fastener, Stainless Steel Turned Fastener, etc. And many more products are manufactured and supplied by us.

The entire production is carried out under the expert supervision and we possess the best team that is continuously providing their efforts to provide the superior quality of SS fasteners for our clients that are situated worldwide. We ensure that only best quality raw material are utilized for the stainless steel fasteners manufacturing as the product quality are directly depends upon the quality of the raw material that is used in their manufacturing process. And when the modern machinery combined with best quality raw materials and processed under expert guidance results in the superior quality SS Fasteners and they are appreciated by our customers dwelling worldwide as they are highly précised in the size and stronger to use. The entire product range manufactured by our company is tested and after passing the strict quality check they are handed over to the clientele. The best quality steel fasteners are provided by the PGS Fasteners & Metal Corp. And also provides the best before and after sales services for our valuable customers.

stainless steel fasteners

Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturer

The fasteners are the type of the product that are used for the fixing the two or more things together and forms a type of temporary joint. And, the joints formed using these fasteners can be easily disjointed, removed and it does not damage the components or the product during their dismantling. These fasteners are generally made of the stainless steel, carbon steel and their alloys.

The fasteners provided by us are of the best quality and are as per the industry and international and can be easily used worldwide.

Stainless Steel Fasteners India

There are several types of the fastener and the other products available in the market and are used for several applications. The different product mention in below.

  • Stainless Steel Nut
  • Stainless Steel Dome Nuts
  • Stainless Steel Eye Nuts
  • Stainless Steel Nylock Nut
  • Stainless Steel Rivets & Nails
  • Stainless Steel Weld Stud
  • Slotted Cheese Head Screw

Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturers in India

The applications of the fastener provided by us are as follows

The PGS Fasteners can be used for the different application and they are highly demanded in the local and the national market. The best quality Stainless fasteners in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is provided by our company and has many customers from different industries that are using our fasteners for different applications.

Benefits of SS Fastener

The several benefits of the fasteners are stated below

Our company is the foremost stainless steel fastener manufacturer in Ahmedabad and also the stainless steel fasteners supplier in Ahmedabad. The product that we are providing are stated below-

  • Available in different size and designs.
  • These fasteners possess a longer shelf life.
  • Non corrosive in nature.
  • Simple to use.
  • Forms perfect joint whenever and wherever used.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • They are environmentally friendly as can be easily recycled.
  • Their replacement or removal is easy.
  • These fasteners are not affecting the quality of surface when they are removed or replaced.
  • The joints that are formed using this fastener are stronger.
  • Used for connecting objects without using any complex mechanism.

The above stated are the several benefits of the SS fasteners manufactured and supplied by the company. There are so many service providers that are providing the fasteners, but the fasteners provided by our company are known for the superior quality in the markets. And, if you possess any requirement related to fasteners you can take the benefits of our services.

stainless steel fasteners, stainless steel fasteners manufacturers in india

Our Merchandise

Our company is the foremost stainless steel fastener manufacturer in Ahmedabad and also the stainless steel fasteners supplier in Ahmedabad. The product that we are providing are stated below-

  • Stainless Steel Anchor Fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Machined and Turned Fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

The entire fasteners range that is provided by our company are BIS and DIN standards that are available from the smallest to the largest sizes for all the types in Metric, UNF, BSW, UNC, etc. And besides this we are also providing the facility of the fasteners customization. If you possess any special types or the size of fasteners you can approach us as the facility of the fastener customization is provided by the PGS Fasteners & Metal Corp. that’s also on the affordable price.

ss fasteners price in india, pgs fasteners

Our Service Overview

The PGS Fasteners & Metal Corp. Was founded around the year 2016 is one the foremost fasteners manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our manufacturing plant is situated in the Ahmedabad where the manufacturing process of different types of SS fasteners is carried out. Besides this we possess all the basic and modern facilities that are required for these product manufacturing.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out under the guidance of the PGS expert team where they are monitoring each step of the process right from manufacturing to handing over to the customers. The expertise observe each stage of manufacturing process and check whether all the criteria are fulfilled and provides assurance that the fasteners manufactured using the best quality raw materials and are of the precise size.

Our quality assurance also plays an important role, they carried forward quality assurance testing of the product before they are supplied to the customers and when the product passes all the strict testing and they are free from any manufacturing defect or error then only they are provided to the clientele situated worldwide.

Besides this fast, punctual and secure delivery of the product is provided by the company to the customers and the packaging is also done in a way that no damaged is caused to them while transportation. The main aim of our company is to provide the best quality product which is made up of using good quality raw material and latest technology that too on cost effective pricing.

 ss fasteners, ss fasteners manufacturers in ahmedabad

Benefits of stainless steel fastener

The benefits of our services are as follows

Our company is the foremost stainless steel fastener manufacturer in Ahmedabad and also the stainless steel fasteners supplier in Ahmedabad. The product that we are providing are stated below-

  • The wide ranges of the fasteners are provided by us that also at single place.
  • Best quality stainless fasteners are manufactured and supplied by us.
  • We make use of the best quality raw material is used by us.
  • The fasteners are as per the latest standards that can be easily used worldwide.
  • The expertises are monitoring the entire process.
  •  The fast and on time delivery of the product are provided by us.
  • The provided after passing the strict quality check are handed over to the customers.

If you have any requirement related to any kind of fasteners, you can freely approach us either by calling or enquiring us. Our executive is available to provide you the proper assistance related to any query or requirements related to our services or product.

PGS fasteners and Metal Corp. is the topmost fastener manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and the prominent fasteners manufacturer and supplier in India.

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